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Dip for everything dippable

Fries, chips, Vietnamese spring rolls, and crispy fresh vegetables are inextricably linked with some sort of dip. Use liquid herbs in dip, mayo, and pesto and combine the herbs crosswise as you like.


Tarragon mayo 

Mix 3 tbsp good mayonnaise and 1 tbsp liquid tarragon. Also try making chili mayo, garlic mayo, or maybe one with basil.


Arugula pesto with wild garlic

Blend arugula, lime, almonds, olive oil, grated cheese, liquid chives, salt, and pepper into a creamy pesto.


Dill dip

Mix 3 tbsp sour cream, 2 tsp liquid dill, and 2 tsp liquid garlic.


Rosemary and thyme dip

Mix 3 tbsp sour cream, 2 tsp liquid rosemary, and 2 tsp liquid thyme.



The rock-solid path to a good chip dip is a base of sour cream, but you can also get creative with ingredients like mascarpone, ricotta, or even Greek yogurt.

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