Tortilla pizza with

liquid rosemary

A pizza can be flavored with liquid herbs both before and after it cooks in the oven. You can even use liquid herbs on takeaway pizza, pizza made from scratch, and even the quick and easy tortilla pizza.


Tortilla pizza: a light meal for 1 person


You’ll need

2 small tortilla pancakes

1 bell pepper

2 tbsp tomato purée

1 red onion

1 mozzarella ball

2 tsp liquid oregano

1 handful of chopped tomatoes

Salt and pepper


Here’s how to do it

Chop onions and cut bell pepper and tomatoes into small pieces.


Place the tortilla pancakes on a baking sheet and spread tomato purée evenly across the pizzas, leaving approximately 1 cm around the edge. 


Top the pizza with small pieces of mozzarella and drizzle with liquid oregano. Bake at 200 degrees until the cheese is melted.



Vary your tortilla pizzas with any topping you like. We love mushrooms, blue cheese, and liquid thyme.