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Tortilla pizza with

liquid rosemary

A good steak can be flavored with liquid herbs both before and after grilling. The fresh taste is absorbed instantly. You can grill the steak right away, or keep the marinated steak in the fridge overnight for a more intense taste.


Marinated meat: a great dinner for 2 people


You’ll need

2 good steaks or other meat

1 tbsp liquid garlic

1 tbsp liquid thyme

1 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper


Here’s how to do it

Give your meat extra flavor by marinating it in liquid herbs. Garlic and thyme are a fantastic combination, but you can also try liquid rosemary or any other liquid herbs. 


Mix liquid herbs, olive oil, salt, and pepper and rub the mixture into the meat. Preferably, at least a few hours before dinner for better taste - but it is not a must!


Leave the meat in the marinade and keep it refrigerated until it is ready to be cooked.



You can marinate all kinds of meat in liquid herbs - try lamb, chicken, or pork tenderloin. You can even use the same variants for a matching salad dressing! 

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