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Organic liquid herbs

-For the taste and nature.

When you go organic, nature thanks you with great taste. 
Organic liquid herbs is a perfect mix of herbs, organic vinegar, and a little bit of sea salt providing you with the taste of fresh herbs. That's it. It is vegan, lactose - and gluten-free. No allergens to consider.

Liquid herbs make cooking easier in any kitchen. Therefore, we designed the packaging to fit any need.
Try our 40 ml. glass bottles in a minimalistic, Scandinavian design created to aesthetically please any private kitchen. Or, our new 240 ml. squeeze bottles, uniquely designed for food service. 





Perfect marinate
for all kinds of meat

Lots of flavor for

your wok dishes

(Redigeret) UK_salatdressing_1_edited_edited.jpg

Easy vinaigrette with

liquid basil


Tarragon mayo

the easy way




We love herbs.


Therefore, we have made them liquid so you always have organic herbs with a fresh taste at hand.


We chop our herbs gently and mix them with organic vinegar and sea salt. This is an old household trick that preserves the fresh taste of the herbs and ensures a looong shelf life - even after opening.



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Organic is our DNA

Like anyone else who has bought fresh herbs in pots in a supermarket, we saw a huge waste when buying herbs for cooking.


Often you do not use it all, it fades away in a corner of the window sill, large amounts of spagnum are used and during the off-season it is difficult to find herbs with good flavor.


We wanted do something about that.


11 tasty varieties

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