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Organic is our DNA

- for the taste and nature.

When you go organic, nature thanks you with great taste. 
Like anyone else who has bought fresh herbs in pots in a supermarket, we saw a huge waste when buying herbs for cooking. Often you do not use it all, it fades away in a corner of the window sill, and during the

off-season, it is difficult to find herbs with good flavor.


We wanted to do something about that.

We looove herbs

Therefore, we made them liquid so you always have organic herbs with a fresh taste at hand.

We chop our herbs gently and mix them with organic vinegar and sea salt, providing you with the taste of fresh herbs. That's it. It is vegan, lactose - and gluten-free. No allergens to consider.  




For the home kitchen

40 ml glass bottles


The give away

Giftpackages w. recipe handbook

For the restaurant

240 ml squeeze bottles

10 L (UK) - Chili stærk.jpg

For the industry

10 L can with tap


Liquid Herbs

Last for 2 years

Store at room temperature

Lasting taste of fresh herbs 

Organic creme.png

Organic quality

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