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Our values

Our daily goal is to make our customers' day less complex.




It is essential that Northern Greens maintain an economically sustainable company and act responsibly.

Accordingly, we keep a close eye on our finances to avoid uncomfortable surprises and unnecessary risks.


We value being able to look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning, knowing that we act responsibly in relation to the world around us. 




Northern Greens is a business in the green and plant-based market.

Therefore, it is natural for us to

promote health and well-being among our employees.


To us, health involves well-being and togetherness. We care for each

other, prioritize socializing at work,

and aim for a sustainable work-life balance. 




Northern Greens exist to simplify the complexities for our partners.


This means, that we listen to our customers and understand their needs while maintaining focus on how we can make every day easier for each, individual customer.


We work to establish long-term relationships that create equal value for everyone involved.  

Northern Greens is providing

plant-based products such as fresh produce, liquid herbs, and dates 365 days a year.


We are a reliable and consistent business partner with offices in Denmark and Spain.


We are the professional link between producers and retail chains. While our roots lie in the Scandinavian market, we are proud to serve customers worldwide.


We do everything we can to simplify the complex. Our portfolio includes fresh fruits and vegetables as well as innovative and tasty consumer products that create value on the bottom line for producers and retailers.


Your success is our success.

Let's grow together


365 supply

For more than a decade, we have been: sourcing, distributing, and selling fresh fruit and vegetables to our customers, 365 days a year. 


7-day hotline

Our phone is open for urgent calls everyday of the week. We are here to make you worry less and handle every logistic complication.

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IFS certified

Food safety and quality has been a priority since our beginning. We strive to always improve our processes. Thus, we are proud of our IFS certication.


World Leading Organic Nation

Denmark was the first country to establish rules for organic products, the first to establish organic state control and the first to implement an organic label.

We take pride in supporting this pioneer position.

Get more insights about Danish organics here.

Northern Greens'

Sustainability Plan

At Northern Greens, we aim to create value every day. Our work with sustainability needs to do the same. It must positively impact our employees and the world around us. 

Let's be honest, we have a lot more experience doing business than writing sustainability reports. Hence, this report lays out who we are, where we are, and where we aim to go. It's a framework for the years to come and a kick-off to a looong learning process. 

It's with great pride we're presenting our sustainability report for 2023, with a prioritized focus on economic, social, and environmental sustainability. We're ready to lead Northern Greens in a more sustainable direction - which you can read a lot more about in this report. 

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(In Danish)

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IFS certificate


Organic certificate

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Smiley Scheme


Global G.A.P

CoC: 4063651294125
Certificate: Link

Certified quality

Quality and food safety are at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly working to improve food safety in the production and the supply chain to keep up to date with current regulations.

This is why we are certified to IFS Broker standards. The requirements relate to the quality management system and the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points). They are supported by the necessary detailed programs, which are a set of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) requirements.

Securing food quality is at the core of our business. We aim to consistently deliver at the highest standards. We work with producers who are certified to GlobalGAP standards, or better, and regularly visit our suppliers to ensure that all requirements are complied with and respected.

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