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Recipes with Liquid Tarragon

Organic Liquid Tarragon balances heavy dishes with a rounded, fresh touch.  It's perfect for dips, dressings, and all kinds of  BBQ dishes.

Greek Dressing with Liquid Tarragon 

Blend all ingredients into a fresh dressing, perfect for snack greens or a light dip for heavy dishes. 

Tip! Try adding a dash of olive oil to the mix for a more creamy texture.


You'll need

1,5 cup sour créme
1 tsp mustard
1 lemon 
1 tsp Liquid Tarragon

Tarragon butter with Liquid Tarragon


You'll need

1 cup butter 
1 lemon 
1 tsp Liquid Tarragon

Mix all ingredients into a soft mixture. Let it rest for an hour before serving.  A great addition to the next BBQ. 

Tip! Tarragon butter is great for seasoning vegetarian dishes as well. Mix it with a bit of Olive oil and serve on top on grilled scallions.  

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In English.

Tarragon Mayonnaise

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