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Recipes with Liquid Garlic

Organic Liquid Garlic is a great extra taste provider in almost any setting. Use it for a simple aioli dressing, or as the extra kick to your steak marinade.


You'll need

Homemade aioli with Liquid Garlic

3 tbsp good mayo
2 tsp Liquid Garlic

Prepare a homemade aioli by adding Liquid Garlic to your favorite mayonnaise. Serve as a dip to fries or chopped greens.  

Tip! Aioli with Liquid Garlic works well as a dip for all kinds of snacks -or as a spread in a sandwich or burger.  

Garlic butter with Liquid Garlic


You'll need

4 tbsp soft butter
1 tbsp Liquid Garlic 
Olive Oil 

Mix butter, olive oil, and Liquid Garlic. Add salt depending on preference. Garlic butter is a great taste kick to your steak, or to fill out baked potatoes.  

Tip! Garlic butter is easy to experiment with. Add 2 tsp Liquid Rosemary to the mix for a fresh flavor. 

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