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Recipes with Liquid Rosemary

Organic Liquid Rosemary is an excellent taste provider to freshen up a classic stew or pasta sauce. It is also great for baking. 


You'll need

Fresh dip with Liquid Rosemary

3 tbsp sour creme
2 tsp Liquid Rosemary

Prepare a homemade rosemary dip to freshen up the classic dippings for your fries.  

Tip! A well-prepared rosemary dip also functions as an excellent spread for your daily sandwich.  

Lemon cookies with Liquid Rosemary


You'll need

Butter, sugar, flour, eggs, lemons, baking powder. 
2 tbsp Liquid Rosemary

Mix a dough for classic, neutral cookies. Mix the shell from 2 lemons and 2 tbsp liquid rosemary into the dough to freshen up the sugary cookies.

Tip! Liquid herbs are great for baking. The taste gets absorbed instantly and adds a hint of freshness to the final result. 

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Lemon Cookies

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