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Recipes with Liquid Wild Garlic

Organic Liquid Wild Garlic adds a hint of freshness to any typical garlic dish.  It is the ideal candidate for light side dishes during BBQ season.  


You'll need

Potatoes, sour creme, Mayonnaise, sugar, peas, radishes, & 1 tbsp Liquid Wild Garlic.

Potato Salad with Liquid Wild Garlic

Cut the potatoes & radishes. Make a dressing by mixing all liquid ingredients. Add the potatoes and radishes to the dressing. Top with peas, salt, & pepper. 

Tip! Add a bit of tasty mustard to spice up the salad. For more freshness try it with Liquid Dill. 

Baked Potatoes with Liquid Wild Garlic

UK_bagt kartoffel_1.jpg

You'll need

6 2 large potatoes 
4 tbsp soft butter
1 tbsp Liquid Wild Garlic
1 handful parsley

Mix the ingredients and let them rest in the fridge while baking the potatoes at 210 C for an hour. Fill the baked potatoes with fresh garlic butter and drizzle with a bit of parsley. 

Tip! To intensify the taste, lubricate the potatoes with a bit of olive oil and salt before heating.  

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Liquid Herbs

Last for 2 years
- even after opening.

Store at roomtemperatur
- even after opening.

Lasting taste of fresh herbs 
- even after opening.

All liquid herbs are organic
- and allergene free.

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